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We Are All Connected-What did you do today for someone else?

When I was younger, I could bring home stellar grades, show them to my father and be met with, “But honey, honey, are you a good person? What did you do today for someone else?” Baffled by his perpetual redirection, I often left those discussions deflated. I never understood why he placed so much importance on “doing for others.”Then I grew up and began to realize that we are all part of the greater fabric of...

See Positive- There Really is Beauty Everywhere

Since Monday I have found myself in a perpetual funk. Maybe it was the dreary weather, or the allergy medicine I’m taking or just plain old me… I simply don’t know. But somewhere along the way I recognized that I was failing to see the positive, or even a bright spot, in anything. I just couldn’t do it. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of the day. To focus on the negative. To...

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