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Coming out the Other Side

I almost can’t believe it has been as long as it has since I have posted here. See, nearly three years ago I made a huge, scary and overwhelming decision. I decided to go back to school and into a field WAY outside my comfort zone—but well within my interest zone. The deeper I went into the master’s program, the more I wanted to know and understand. Frankly, there are many areas I still want to explore. The program itself offered A LOT academically—and I will take that, but today I am looking back at all I learned about myself and life along the way. In short- I feel I finally have come out the other side of these last few years.

Aside from school, the last few years were filled with a variety of additional personal challenges—nothing severe or earth shattering (thank goodness) but enough that it tipped the stress scales even more. There were days it felt never-ending. The very nature of things forced me to reevaluate everything. The most important things found themselves at the top of the deck I was forever reshuffling. The other stuff—well it had to fall lower in the deck—much like this blog.

I think however the biggest realization came in relation to myself-new boundaries I was able to set (and enforce) and the things I learned to let go. My view on my energy changed, or maybe didn’t change so much as it deepened. My energy/time became the most precious thing I had.  Given its scarcity, I became more protective of where I put it and the stress I allowed in my life. It is this lesson—to a crazy type A personality—which has probably had the most profound change in my life. Do I still get stressed? Yes, but its changed. I’ve changed. I’ve come out that other side and I am forever grateful.

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**PS… I will be cross posting to this site nutrition and integrative health related topics. So, stay tuned!


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