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It is nearly 1:30 pm on January 1st 2015 and I am still in my jammies and am enjoying every moment of it.

I’ve been meaning to put up this post for the latter half of December- but the combination of Influenza A and the holidays meant that it would be delayed. At first I was frustrated by this, but then I realized that my delay actually emphasizes the point.

A few weeks ago I was  dealing with a sick kid and studying for finals- my first in 21 years. Um, can you say anxiety filled ball of stress?

Bleary-eyed with not enough caffeine running through my veins, I sat in church and watched as my priest pulled out a mini level. He spoke about how our lives can fall out of balance and sometimes we just need to adjust to bring ourselves back to that place where the bubble is neatly between the lines.

My life that morning was like two kids on a seesaw- one feather light and the other heavier, wedged in the mud- neither going anywhere. I was the poster child of imbalance.

Over the next few weeks I moved through varying levels of insanity and the priest’s words kicked around in the back of my brain. My life was sooo unbalanced, there was no clear way to change anything and frustration set in.

Right before Christmas- waist deep in wrapping paper and cookie dough, I had an “aha” moment. ¬†From that point forward my mantra through the remainder of 2014 was, “We’re just gonna roll with it.” My kids even picked up the saying too.

Now, on this first day of the New Year, I’m still sitting here in my snowflake flannel PJs with no real plan or obligation to do anything and my life has taken on a new type of imbalance.

Life inherently has times of imbalance-it happens. We all have times of craziness and brief moments where we can sit in our snowflake jammies. Should we strive towards balance when life is insane? Absolutely. But sometimes you just can’t and that’s OK too.

This isn’t rocket science and I know that I’ve heard it all before, but like many things in life sometimes you need a reminder.

Stay sane out there friends. Focus on what’s important and find the balance where you can in 2015.



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