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A Moment for Maya

I didn’t know Maya Angelou.

But…when I heard of her passing I sucked in a little air, and as I exhaled I said, “Oh no…”

Over the years I had listened to interviews with her and sometimes heard her read her poems.  Aside from the power that lay beneath the surface of her voice, there was just something about her.

Of course the fact that she was a lover of words appealed to me, but honestly it was much more than that.  Here was a woman, a woman who had struggled and risen above gender and racial prejudices, to become an amazing and powerful force.  She was someone who left her mark on the world not because of her many reality show escapades but because of her contributions to society- whether they be in the arts or through her political activism.  In her passing, the world has lost one of their wise elders.

While she had many quotes that I loved, perhaps my favorite was the last thing she tweeted:

“Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.”

Thank you Maya for all that you gave to us. You will be missed.

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