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15 Reasons I am Grateful for Girlfriends



Over the last two weekends, I spent time with two groups of girlfriends. One set I’ve known since we were in the fifth grade, the other set I’ve developed friendships with over the last eight years. I cannot begin to share how thankful I am to have the ladies as friends.



I am grateful for girlfriends…

  1. who are unafraid to tell me that I need a clothing intervention and graciously offer to come drink wine with me and remove said well-worn clothing from my closet
  2. who, even if months have passed since we last spoke, pick up like it was yesterday
  3. who can play backseat/passenger seat driver, shriek directions and instead of getting angry everyone just bursts out laughing
  4. who will make and eat tofu muffins with me and not take offense when others call said muffins “sketchy”
  5. whom I will readily accept freely given, unsolicited parenting advice, because I know it comes from a genuine, nonjudgmental place
  6. who praise my choice in my husband, and cite how scared they were that I was going to marry one of the many assholes I dated along the way
  7. who take over doing my hair and makeup when we go out because clearly my skills in these areas have not improved over the years
  8. who cheer me on when I face some of my biggest fears and celebrate successes of all sizes
  9. who are there, when necessary, to help pick up the pieces when life hands the unexpected
  10. who make me laugh hard enough that I nearly pee my pants and my abs hurt for hours later
  11. who recognize I need help and lend a hand before I even ask
  12. whom I learn new things about, even if I have known them for over 30 years
  13. who will dance with me –whether it be because we take over a quiet martini bar and turn it into our own, or are grooving to a band in a large beachside dive
  14. who make me caramel sugar scrubs and lotions so that I don’t smell like a sesame cracker from my failed homemade sugar scrub attempts
  15. who are unafraid to be honest with each other and calling bull$%&t if necessary

A big thank you to my girlfriends for making my world a much crazier and happier place!

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