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Top 5 Signs You’ve Lost Your Mojo to Mommihood

Top 5 signs you’ve lost your mojo to mommihood:

1)      You have granny panties—or even leftover maternity panties in your drawer

2)      Wearing pajamas to drop your kids off at school—or heck even pick them up—is a matter of efficiency rather than a fashion statement because you know if you wait only a few more hours then you will be “early” in terms of getting ready for bed

3)      It’s a ‘good day’ when you have managed to take a shower

4)      Wearing your hair in a ponytail and/or under a hat is your go-to hairstyle

5)      You don’t remember the last time you danced like you were 16

I don’t know what it is exactly, but I think we as mommies change significantly after having kids.  Maybe it’s because we are constantly in the process of putting our children’s needs above our own, but certain BK (before-kids) norms are abandoned. But is that an entirely good thing?

On the granny panties item, my husband would tell you categorically it isn’t.

If any of the above ring true for you, I want you to stop and think for a moment about a time when you felt beautiful and as if you owned the world.  Maybe you were getting dressed up for an event, or just took time to take care of “you.”

Now think about your everyday. Is there a difference? I’m betting there is.

As mommies, while we are so busy taking care of others, I think we lose a little bit of ourselves—we  lose a little bit of our BK (before-kids) mojo.

At least I’ve felt that way, but I’m trying to take it back—even if it’s just a little bit at a time. I’m trying to carve out a little time each week to focus on something—okay anything—that helps me feel as if I have pulled some of that mojo back.

I no longer have granny panties in my drawer. And, after I finish dancing by myself to Will Smith’s “Get Jiggy Wit It,” I’m going to shower and actually blow-dry my hair rather than throwing it up into a ponytail.  And I might just wear heels—just because I can.

And to you my fellow mommies- I challenge you to do one thing for yourself today. One thing that makes you smile and your spirit soar.  Because when you feel good and you spread that around, other people, even your kids, pick up on it.  But more importantly, I want you to do this for you.

Happy Friday everyone!

2 Responses to “Top 5 Signs You’ve Lost Your Mojo to Mommihood”

  1. Shelah says:

    I am guilty of 3 of the top 5. I want my mojo baaack!!

  2. cnbrockett says:

    Thanks Veronica! I’ve been guilty of a few of these myself!!!

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