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The Elf Chronicles 2013 Days 19-22

So as to not crash a blog post with too many pictures, here is the next installment of the Elf Chronicles!






Day 19


Found the elves hanging around in the pots again. Maybe they were looking for food.

Day 20

The morning of the 20th day brought a HUGE issue because the elves got lazy and DIDN’T MOVE the night before. KC was frantic and wrote them a little note:


I don’t know if she was more concerned that they didn’t move, or feared what would happen if I used a pot nearby to cook dinner with. ¬†Either way, they honored her request and when we came back from school we found them like this:


Maybe they were hungry…

Day 21

The kids woke up and came downstairs to find the elves were gone. Once again they didn’t clean up, but it definitely looked like they enjoyed their Smores.


After careful examination, KC determined that the elves really did cook the marshmallows!

Looking around, the kids found the elves hanging out in the shutters:


Day 22


We aren’t quite sure what they were doing with the candy canes up there, but they looked like they were having fun.

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