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The Elf Chronicles 2013 Days 14-18

As with many things, the holidays took over and I wasn’t able to post updates to the Elf Chronicles.  But there are 12 days of Christmas, so I am just posting them now.  Who knows, your Elf might be wild like these guys and of course you will want to be prepared…





Day 14


Saw the elves cruising in the Barbie car.

Day 15


The elves decided to get their groove on… CJ was bummed that he couldn’t play his guitar that day!

Day 16


The elves decided to go for a spot high in the kitchen, which was a very good thing since we were hosting a massive surprise 40th for a friend of ours.

Day 17


The elves went a little wild on the copier.  KC was shocked to see what they did:


At least it wasn’t obscene!

Day 18

day18-1 (2)

Carje peeking out from KC’s stocking, while Jenca… well we aren’t quite sure what he was doing!

day18-1 (1)

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