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The Elf Chronicles 2013 Days 8-12

Wow… those elves have been busy here! Day 8 they decided to hang out and play cards…






Day 9 they got into the kids leftover Halloween Candy.

Elves & Candy

KC saw them and said, “MOM, this means I can’t get into my candy today.”

With a smile I responded, “Hmm, do you think maybe they did that on purpose?”

Day 10 the elves went a little tribal and rode elephants:

Elves & Elephants

Day 11 the elves decided to eat breakfast… all day:

Cheerio Elves

Day 12 the elves decided to chill… in the wine fridge that is:


KC thought that was especially funny. “Mom, you won’t be able to have wine tonight!”

Despite the fact that I don’t have wine every night, mommy definitely has other wine connections if a glass of wine is desired/necessary during this winter storm.


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  1. Silvie Armas says:

    These ideas are great! We haven’t had an “Elf” but I’m thinking, hopefully next year. 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

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