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The Elf Chronicles 2013 Days 5-7




The season has hit and throughout the house the anticipation is building and with it the arguments between my kids. The elves have seen it too and left CJ and KC a little reminder to “Be Good.” We’ll see how well it works. So far the elves’ warnings have not been heeded by my two “angels.”


Carje and Jenca must be tired… they retreated to above the kitchen cabinets.


Those little elves must have been busy. Thursday morning CJ and KC woke up to Cirque de Elf or the elfin version of  The Matrix.  As the air blew through the house, the elves would twist and spin. Carje even lost her skirt this evening–which of course totally freaked my daughter KC out.

“How’s she gonna get dressed MOM?!”

My parental reply, “Umm, elf magic (I mean really, what else can you say?). When she gets down tonight she will put her skirt back on.”


Carje before her wardrobe malfunction.


Jenca just hanging out.


Hmm wonder what they will be up to tomorrow.




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