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The Elf Chronicles 2013 Days 1-4

The season has officially started… the season of elves that is.

Yes, our elves- Jenca & Carje are back for another year. If you don’t have an elf sitting on a shelf at your home and want a little insight into the insanity- feel free to read on.




Friday the elves arrived and played with marshmallows in the dining room.

KC was so excited with their return, she left them a note:

11292013 (2)

Saturday morning we woke up to find toilet paper strewn across the room. They must have had a wild night…



Sunday the elves went a short distance away to hang out with their old pals- the three wise men.


KC had decided that Carje, our girl elf, needed some new threads and had made her a skirt out of duct tape. Unfortunately it was too small so it just ended up at the foot of one of the wise men.  My little girl was less than pleased, but determined to figure out another design which might work–which of course she wanted to do right in the middle of decorating the house and setting up our tree.

Monday the elves decided to hang out in the fruit basket with the apples. The kids think it was because they ate too many desserts over Thanksgiving.


Carje’s lack of attire has not been forgotten-especially since she left her skirt for KC to use as a pattern for future clothes.

elf skirt

KC is totally after me to pull out my sewing machine. And, while I can be crafty, it’s not exactly the thing you want to embark on at 7:30 on a Monday night.  So, we settled for another duct tape skirt.


Now KC’s talking about purses and accessories… Love the creativity but the timing couldn’t be worse.  Hopefully it fits.

Stay tuned…


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