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Parenting: It Sucks the Life Out of You…

Last night I tumbled into bed at a mere 7:45 pm. I hadn’t even bothered to change out of my clothes because it would require too much effort.  Maybe it was residual jet lag, or a response to daylight savings time. I don’t know, but I was exhausted with a sore throat. Laying there, all I could think about was a scene in the movie The Princess Bride where the Dread Pirate Roberts is having his life sucked out of him.  For those of you who haven’s seen the movie–which is an 80’s cult classic–here’s a clip:

Dread Pirate Roberts has 1 year of his life sucked from him.

Laying in the darkness I replayed the day and while I may have had a little bug, I honestly think it was more than that. I had had a day where parenting had sucked the life out of me.

My children had the day off and so I had planned out what I considered a fun day for them.  However, my visions for the fun day disintegrated before my eyes as my children woke up battling each other. I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without hearing them argue about one item or another.  Ironically I was wearing black and white yesterday–which I guess made sense since I was the constant referee.  And when they weren’t battling each other, they battled me on everything. Items that needed to be picked up, clothes that needed to be put on, lunches that needed to be eaten. You name it, there was a battle.  To top it off, I spent so much time trying to redirect and resolve the conflicts it left little to no time for the fun activities I had planned.

By the end of the day I was done. Not finished, done. If I were a Purdue Roaster, that little sensor would have been shooting out of me. Just after dinner there was one event with my daughter that pushed me over the top.  She was refusing to listen and began acting out like a character on a tween show–complete with eye rolling.  This resulted in an over hour long discussion regarding said behavior and how it wasn’t appropriate.  There was no yelling, just talking where we asked her to think of herself in different situations. After much discussion, KC had a teary apology for her actions.

While the ultimate outcome was what we were working towards, the process of getting there was exhausting. I’ll be honest. Parenting sometimes frustrates me beyond measure. But it is days like these that I try and take a step back and figure out how I can learn from the experience.

I think for me, I have to believe that parenting isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Each day and instance is defined by constant, consistent and loving guidance of our children.   There will be good days and bad, but one day it is my hope that it will all pay off.

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