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Alternative Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

If your kids raked in a mountain of candy like mine did, you’re probably looking at a massive pile of sugar filled treats which grows exponentially with each additional child. Or maybe you were handing candy out and didn’t have as many takers this year and even your last minute attempts to unload your remaining bowl on those last trick-or-treaters failed.

Maybe you’re sitting there with your coffee thinking that a Twix Mini couldn’t be all that bad—after all it does have a cookie in it. Or maybe you’re debating on eating that one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup because it’s gotta have some protein—come on you can find better sources for 2.5 grams of protein.

So what do you do with the excessive amounts of sugar that end up in your house post Halloween? Each year, my husband and I reinforce the message with CK and KC–who is a real sugar fiend, that too much sugar isn’t healthy or good for your body. Then we sit with them and sort through their candy and help them decide exactly what they are going to keep out of their bags. The remaining candy is then put to alternative use.

Here are some ideas for alternative uses for leftover Halloween Candy that I wanted to share:

  • Send the leftovers to work
  • Make your own trail mix and put in M & M’s, Reese’s Pieces etc. in the mix
  • Grate up chocolate bars and use the shavings to top off coffee or hot chocolate
  • Turn your candy bars into ice cream toppings by chopping them into pieces–M & M’s are also good for this
  • Save your hard candies, gummies, Skittles or Sweet Tarts for decorating a gingerbread creations such as a gingerbread house, trees, trains etc.
  • Make chocolate covered pretzels as giveaways for the holidays by using melted candy bars
  • If your child has a birthday coming up, put some of the excess candy into treat bags or into a piñata
  • Use chopped up bars, M & M’s, Reese’s Pieces or other small bits of chocolate instead of chips in a cookie recipe
  • Check with local charities such as nursing homes, homeless shelters, food pantries etc. to see if they might want the candy
  • Check with your dentist or find a participating dentist to buyback the candy. Dentists then package the candy up and send it on to troops through Operation Gratitude. You can also participate directly in Operation Gratitude or send the candy to the troops through Operation Shoebox




  • Turn your candy into an educational treat by using it for counting with math homework or by turning it into a science experiment. Here is a website devoted to just that: www.candyexperiments.com

Hope you find this helpful. Now you will have to excuse me while I go to the gym to work off that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that I ate!


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