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My Kids’ Vacation Highlight

Late Friday night–really it was early Saturday morning–we arrived back from a week long vacation in St. Lucia.  During that week we visited a collapsed volcano, had a volcanic mud bath, stood and played in hot waterfalls, took boat rides, snorkeled, did SNUBA (a cross between snorkeling and scuba), kayaked, did paddle boats, sailed a Hobie cat, played on paddle boards, zip-lined through a rainforest, took a helicopter ride and made friends from all over the world.  It was a great vacation full of fantastic memories, but apparently the highlight of the trip for my children was actually none of the above.

It was close to 1 AM when we finally made it back to our house.  My nephew, who was dog/house sitting, was waiting up for us.  When we came in, he asked the kids what they liked most about the vacation…

Always the one to beat everyone to the punch, KC spoke first. “It was really awesome, we did lots of fun stuff but what was really cool was that mom and dad’s phones didn’t work there.”

Then CJ added, “Yeah, I mean they couldn’t spend their time solving other people’s problems. We could talk and play–you know, we just got them without having to wait for them to take care of other people.”

I was stunned, and equally exhausted.  However three days back into the fray of multitasking and being full immersed into “normal life” their comments still haunt me.  My husband and I both work in industries which can be demanding and often operate outside of normal working hours which I think makes it hard sometimes to set boundaries.   However, what our children said speaks volumes to me as to their needs and a gap in my parenting.  It tells me more than anything that my kids don’t feel that I am perhaps totally “present” with them when we do spend time together, which is obviously something that I have to work on.

I don’t have the answers right now as to how I am going to better meet their needs, but the first step is always in identifying the problem right?



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