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A Simple Touch Better Than Any Medicine

I knew it was coming. The signs had been there all week long.

Each time I heard him sniffle and cough I made a mental calculation as to what I would have to reschedule or rework so that the things I had lined up for this week would still be covered.

Last night when I looked at him and saw the glassy glaze that was coming over his eyes I knew, just knew that things weren’t looking good.  Yet with all of that I still hoped he wouldn’t get sick.

CJ is in 6th grade this year and the transition to middle school has been challenging. The volume of work is at times overwhelming not only for him, but for me as well.  I knew that he had been pushing himself this week to keep up with his work and not miss any classes because it would just mean more to makeup—for both of us.

This morning however, he hit a wall. He was feverish and alternatively pale or had flushed cheeks.  He cried in my arms after breakfast about missing school and the test he had studied so hard for. And while I don’t wish him ill, this day brought with it a little joy for me.

Now that he is almost twelve, CJ rarely seeks out my hugs.  And kissing him on the head in public? That is a definite forbidden item.  I might be able to give him a high-five, but that’s about it. My little love is growing up and while I am trying to respect this phase in his life, I miss my little boy.

Today however, was a different story.  Today I was able to see a glimpse of my little boy.  Aching all over and feeling so low all he wanted was for me to hold him.

And that is what I did.

I sat there on the couch holding my big little boy and gently brushing the hair off of his forehead like I did when he was little.  For a brief moment I got to be that mom again whose simple touch was better than any medicine.

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