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Chi Running- Why Not?

Almost a year ago, I had my hamstring reattached after pulling about 70% of it off the bone in April 2012 during an obstacle course race.  The surgeon I chose was phenominal and I had been warned that it would take almost year to really have it feel good and strong again.

No stranger to rehabbing after injury, I figured I would work hard and eventually it would heal and I would be able to run again.

I was wrong.

Last spring when I was told I could begin running again, I did slowly.  It didn’t feel right. I went back to the doctor and he told me to take it slower.   I did take it slower and stopped whenever I felt the hamstring fatiguing.  Still, something wasn’t right.

Determined to run the Army Ten-Miler this fall, I continued to try to run. The result? Back, hip and glute issues on the side of the injury.

In August, I went back to the doctor and explained that I felt like my gait was off and it was impacting my back too. He told me that it might take another year to heal, and worse than that he said, “You may want to find another sport.”

For those runners out there, you understand me when I say I don’t know that I can. I don’t know how I can replace the feeling I get when I’ve had a good run.

Determined not to injure myself further, I cancelled my entry to the Army Ten-Miler and began my search for alternatives.  Today I get to try out Chi Running. I’d heard of it but previously, but didn’t want to do anything to change my gait. Now, post injury, when I need to reteach my body to run, I figured what the heck?

Always the dreamer, I still have dreams of running the New York City Marathon in 2014–the year that 2012 entry is deferred to. So off I go to lace up those shoes and give this a try!



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