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I’m A Slacker Mom

That’s me. I’m a slacker mom.

Those who know me would argue otherwise but really that’s the only explanation I have for why my to-do list is a mile long.

And my laundry sits in folded piles—not put away.

And my personal doctor’s appointments have been put off for far too long.

And my closet, pantry, laundry room, garage, and guest room closet are each a wreck—no, not a Hoarders episode worthy wreck, but a wreck nonetheless.

I feel like life is on hyperdrive and I’m barely able to keep my head above water, always looking forward to a few weeks from now, or a few months from now etc. etc. etc. when I can get caught up.  Those weeks, or months or vacation times come and go and I still find myself in the same place.

Then there are those moments where I get a false sense of hope that I actually am making progress, only to sit at my desk and put in all of the events, appointments, practices, games, meets, Scout meetings, Brownie meetings and more and feel like I am watching my life—specifically ANY free time—disappear before my eyes.

Because I analyze everything, I’ve been wondering how it is I got to this place. Maybe it’s because the last several years have brought an almost never-ending wave of family issues and health crises, which inevitably have a way of pushing the less critical items to the side. Or maybe it’s just the way life is now that my kids are the ages they are and my life outside of work is basically dedicated to them and their activities.

I really didn’t and still don’t know the full answer. But deep down I inherently knew that I needed to regroup. Not in some drastic over the top sort of way, but something had to change.

It came down to figuring out what I could cut out.  There is so much that I can’t cut out, but one area that I could make changes in was overcommitting myself-especially in the area of volunteering.

If you’re like me, you like to help. To get involved and give back. But, as I’ve realized, all of this comes at a price.

Somewhere in the last two weeks I made a decision to invoke the words of Nancy Reagan from the 80’s and Just Say No.

My focus this year will be on my family and my work. I will not volunteer to chair—or even co-chair—any event—Okay, Tom (my husband) you can stop laughing. And for those who ask me to, please don’t get mad when I tell you no.  I need this time to regroup, reorient and get life back in order as best I can.

So if you are like me, suffering from overcommitment burnout, feel free to join me and Just Say No and hopefully we can all regain our sanity.

Okay, I’d settle for even a little sanity.

Or order.

Or maybe a little bit of both.

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