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Miley Cyrus- Why Do We Care?

When I saw the pictures of Miley Cyrus performing at the VMAs, I giggled and immediately thought of the picture that is featured with this post.

On a baby the look is cute. On Miley? It looks ridiculous.

Yes, this is yet another post and commentary about Mileygate. But honestly it took me a few days to digest it and figure out why on earth, with EVERYTHING else going on in the world, people even cared?

After thinking about this during my carpool drives, and seeing what people have posted online, I think people fall into two general camps.

The first group consists of outraged parents who feel like they were sold a bill of goods with Hannah Montana, and the overall “brand” that Cyrus represented, and now they feel cheated.  Miley is no longer Hannah, nor is she a sweet tween or teen for little girls to identify with.  Okay, so what?

Miley is twenty years old and honestly shouldn’t be beholden to anyone for her decisions.  Maybe this was the direction she wanted to go for years but was held back by her “brand.” Can you blame her for not wanting to be a role model anymore?  Face it, it’s a lot of pressure and I can’t say that I would want that life.  So she rebelled and broke out—frankly like many who are in their early twenties both celebrities and non-celebrities. The only difference is that she has been in the public spotlight for so long her rebellion is far more apparent.

Then there is the second group of people, in which I include myself, that have a different reaction entirely.  All we see is a train wreck.

My oldest is now 11, almost 12, and I remember when the Hannah Montana show was all the rage.  Honestly, he was a boy and I really didn’t pay much attention to it.  It was another “tween” show featuring another child star etc. etc.  I really just viewed her as a child star with great opportunities and promise.

Then she started to shift. There were the more revealing and provocative magazine shoots, like the one she did with Annie Leibovitz in 2008 where she was just wrapped in a bed sheet at only 15 years old. Yes it was artsy, but it was also so much more than that.  Then there was her “scandal” when she held onto a pole during her Fox Teen Choice awards show in 2009.  Not entirely unexpected, but there obviously was a transformation underway.

Now we see the transformation revealed and it isn’t pretty.  In fact, it just makes me sad.

Miley seems lost.  She reminds me of a little girl desperate to be someone else and so she is taking everything to an extreme.  Her once wholesome and “normal girl” image is now hard, edgy and ridiculously sexualized.  Which makes me wonder, why does she feel the need to rely so heavily on her “sexed up” image to garner attention?  If you watch the video of the VMAs, rather than getting into her music, most of the audience is just watching her performance, unmoving with confused looks on their faces.  Not exactly the reaction I imagine an entertainer wants.

As a parent I see someone calling out for attention and relying on gimmicks and exploring shocking means to get it. You combine that with the reported drug use (they even say she may have even been on something during the VMAs) and it becomes even more concerning.

Not that my daughter is a child star, but I hope that as she grows up feeling secure in her ability to express herself without resorting to extremes.   As for Miley, I truly hope that she finds herself without too much collateral damage from drugs and poor musical performance choices. She has talent and could continue for many years to come to make good music; I’m just afraid she’ll crash hard before she ever has the opportunity.

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