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A Challenge, A Choice or A Gift

I wanted to share with you all a fabulous post on the CancerCation blog site: http://cancercation.com/?p=1445

You are probably reading this post and wondering why I am posting this.

No, I don’t have cancer–thankfully, at least not that I am aware of.

So why post it? Because it’s brilliant.

Earlier today I had a client meeting that didn’t go as smoothly as planned due to some minor changes with the building process. Then looking at my watch I knew that I was going to run up against the clock with my sitter. I began to sweat, not only from the heat–honestly it’s like Death Valley out there–but panic set in as I tried to figure out how I was going to cover this client site issue AND get back in time to relieve my sitter. Amazingly it all worked out. However, when I got home the kids began fighting, they stood on either side of my chair arguing with one another. Finally, I raised both hands, palms facing outwards, and asked them to stop. I asked them to stop, go to their rooms and take a time out. I needed time to regroup.

As they left the room, I took a moment to breathe and decided to read Catheryn’s latest post. I knew the story, but thought I would read it anyway if for no other reason than I love her writing. That and the fact that her dark humor often makes me smile. And I really needed something to break the stress of the morning.

Although the story amused me at first, as I knew it would, it was the end that really altered my morning. Cancer or no cancer, Catheryn’s words, “I think it just comes down to how you choose to see every moment of your day – a challenge, a choice, or a gift” really resonated with me. Maybe her post will also resonate with you.

In fairness, I should disclose that she’s my cousin.

But I still think she’s brilliant.

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