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God’s On a Cloud Giggling at Me

Sometimes I wonder if God is sitting on a proverbial cloud, watching me and giggling. There are just some days where life isn’t necessarily bad, but is so overwhelmingly ridiculous that the best thing you can do is just try and laugh.

This week has been one of those weeks. And it’s only Wednesday.

I’ve been rather MIA from the blog this week because I’ve been scrambling to finish my appraisal continuing education requirements.  Yes, I should have done them well before now but life has a way of pushing things to the side and so here I am.

Between Monday and Tuesday I have taken the dog to the vet, cleaned up mountains of dog puke–first from said ride to the vet, and later just because she was puking.

I’ve had my garage inadvertently turned into a slip-n-slide where I slipped, slid and busted up my foot. I’ve neglected the foot, in the misguided hope that somehow it would get magically better, only to still have to take time out to go get it x-rayed and leave with a sexy new blue and white shoe. Luckily it matches my cool blue pedicure and purple bruising.

I’ve hobbled around the yard on one foot chasing the dog with a plastic storage container in a wild attempt to get a urine sample from her.

I’ve fielded work calls and emails while I simultaneously cooked and served lunch to the pack of kids that just happened to be at my house around lunchtime.

I’ve sat down to a beautiful dinner where my daughter and her little friend set the table with EVERY piece of silverware in the drawer. It was delightful and funny, until I had to clean up.

They say that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, but gives you what you need. Well, sometimes I think God gives you a day, or days, which might just make him giggle.

Back to work and continuing education.


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