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Total Tech Nerd- I LOVE Facetime

I’m a total tech nerd.

Okay, maybe not a total tech nerd, but my previous life in the tech sector gave me an appreciation for cool stuff. And recently I was able to do something cool.

Very cool.

I am married to a man, whom although I love dearly, I rarely see at this time of the year due to the nature of his business. This becomes problematic when my kids want him be there for key events and he can’t.

Two weeks ago we changed that for my son’s concert band event.

Earlier in the day my husband suggested that we possibly FaceTime each other for CJ’s concert.  Visions of a commercial floated to my mind.  I honestly don’t remember which one, but there is an empty seat at a child’s band event where the parent opens a tablet and the individual waves to the kid performing and the performance goes on. I remember seeing the commercial and thinking how lame it appeared. That is, until I tried it myself.

The concert band assembled and I made my way up to the front of the room. I called my husband with FaceTime, positioned the ipad and waited for the concert to start.

For the entire extent of the performance, I sat there with the ipad angled. At one point my son peered down through the students seated in front of him and caught sight of me.  CJ didn’t really comprehend what I was doing at the time, but eventually caught on when he saw his father’s face.

It isn’t the same as actually having his father there, but it wasn’t lame either.  By using FaceTime, we were able to have my husband witness first-hand my son’s success and that was priceless.

Who says you can’t be in two places at one time?

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