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My Momavation- A Girls Weekend

My momavation is a time to gather with my childhood friends, turn the clocks back and forget, even for a little while, our normal lives. It doesn’t take long before we drift back into long established patterns and giggle as we did when we were sixteen. On this weekend there are no timetables. We don’t have to get up at any particular time, no games to rush to, no equipment to gather, carpools or lunches to pack.

Nothing at all and it’s a beautiful thing.

I am blessed to have a circle of friends, most of whom I have known since we were in the 5th grade and the rest since we were all in 7th grade. These ladies are like sisters to me. There are no taboo topics, no egos and always caring honesty.

Although we meet through the year for dinners and other gatherings, this weekend, our weekend, is different. It gives us the time to talk and catch up and I often find that I learn something new about one of them. We swap stories and give advice, even if it isn’t asked for, but given the nature of our relationship we always know that the advice comes from a place of honest caring. But maybe the most significant thing is that it is the one time of year when we are able to get together without restrictions and reclaim just a little bit of ourselves.

Over the years we have grown and evolved through our careers, marriages, extended family dysfunctions, children, separations and fertility struggles. None of us are same person we were thirty— I can’t believe I said thirty—years ago. But this girls’ weekend lets us morph back into a time when we weren’t as burdened and life was more carefree.

As adults, wives, and mothers we are always expected to behave a certain way and hold up a strong front. Don’t get me wrong, these roles are important. But sometimes I think we get so caught up in them that we forget a little bit of who we were. A weekend like this allows us to let down those fronts and have the permission to be silly or irresponsibly lay around in our pajamas all day long eating Peanut M&Ms and Pirate’s Booty and reading trash magazines.

So each year we collectively move mountains to make this weekend happen. It isn’t easy, but I think each of us recognizes that if we don’t carve the time out for ourselves, and our friendship, that the time will pass and some day we will wake up regretting the fact that we didn’t make it happen.

Already counting down until May 2014…


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