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The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook

The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook is here! The book offers collective wisdom from a cross-section of American moms and dads in those moments when their parenting skills ran out. From a mother of a teenage son, we learn how to correct years of enabling. From parents who have lost a son in a military accident, we learn how to go on. From a husband who discovers his wife has put their daughter’s jeans in the freezer, we learn to find humor in those crazy moments of parenting. In each case, these men and women come out wiser – offering us all lessons on this difficult, funny, and taxing enterprise of child rearing.

To get yours, you can click on the Amazon link on this website or visit Amazon directly.

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2 Responses to “The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook”

  1. cnbrockett says:

    Thanks! It was an amazing process and am very grateful to all of the parents who opened up to me and shared their stories.

  2. SNadel says:

    Love the Missing Pages! So so proud of you T. Kiss your brain!

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