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Making Time for Kids

Monday. A short week- made shorter because we had a snow day today.  A week in which I must cram all my work into three days- now make that two- before they are home for more than a week. I love my children, but today I just didn’t feel that I had time for them.

The snow brought the neighborhood mafia over and they, thankfully, played all day and I was able to get quite a bit of work done from home. Although if you work from home, you know it never ever seems like you get enough done–Ever.

My husband got home early and I had just put dinner on the stove.  I knew I had at least ten minutes where I could sneak back into my home office and get a few things done. Passing the family room, I looked over to see Tom and KC pulling out the Chinese Checkers. I kept walking, until I heard her voice.

“Do you think Mom wants to play too?”

“Honey, Mommy has a lot of work to get done so maybe another time.”

Before I heard her reply, I could almost see her silent acknowledgement that I was too busy for her. I stopped and walked back to the family room.

“Hey, can I play too?” I asked in the most cheerful voice I could.  Really it was about the last thing I felt like doing right then.

“MOM, that would be awesome! Okay, what color do you want to be?”

We played and for that moment I shut out the voices that constantly tick off all of the things that I need to do.  I constantly struggle with meeting all of the work demands and being there for my family.  I know it is sometimes easier to just put the work first, because it is more pressing.  But, it’s times like tonight when I remember the importance of stopping that madness, even if for only a short while, to be there, in the moment, with my kids.



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