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Being a parent you often wonder what wisdom, or lesson you can impart on your children. Each day brings new opportunities to work these lessons into daily life. And then… then there are those days when you realize how being a parent has taught you something.

Today is the 40th birthday of someone very dear to me. Right now I should be with her, celebrating. Celebrating this milestone day, but equally important the fact that one year ago she was just 24 hours out of what would be one of several surgeries for breast cancer. Instead, I am typing this post and occasionally stroking comfort into CJ, my 10-year-old son’s back.

My afternoon, like most days, was over-scheduled. I call it my Cinderella syndrome, where I pack as much into my work day as I can before my kids come home around 3:17 (yes, it is that precise- with many thanks to my afternoon carpool). Once the clock begins to strike that magical hour, I know that my work persona is about to turn into a figurative pumpkin. At 12:30 today I got the call- I recognized the number. It was CJ’s school, and I knew exactly what it meant. It meant he was sick. But as any working Mom knows, it also means that you better work quickly to cancel, rearrange and reschedule- all within the brief period of time it takes you to pick your child up.

Last night while playing baseball, he came to me, tears streaming down his face, that his head hurt and he wasn’t feeling well. Terrified he might puke in front of his team and the other one; he asked to leave the field. Thankfully he waited until he was home, and not in the car, to get sick. The prior night’s events left me wondering how today was going to shake out. However, my ever diligent son woke up determined to go to school- insisting he felt better. That is until he turned a lovely shade of green and was promptly sent to the nurse.

Hanging up the phone I knew that all my plans for the day were gone. In a span of 10 minutes, I cancelled everything, rescheduled what I could, and was on my way to pick him up. It was driving there that it first hit me that something was different. In years past I would get stressed out when I received that call. On that drive I realized that I was disappointed, but more than that- just grateful. Grateful that my child was healthy enough to be in school and that this was something passing. That he did not have a permanent condition, but in all likelihood a summer stomach virus and nothing more.

Having children has taught me a great many things, and has changed me profoundly for the better. It is witnessing them, and what is important in life, that I have learned that I can’t control them or life. Sometimes life works out in ways you don’t understand, and you just have to surrender to it. Today I did that and had a moment were I stopped, and was simply grateful for all of my many blessings.

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