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Dear Tooth Fairy

I can’t believe that my baby lost her first tooth. What was even more remarkable was the note, accompanied by a Cal Ripken baseball card that CJ left under KC’s pillow:

“I’m going to give my sister something. Please don’t be afraid. It will be a good gift. Please sign on the line your name and leave it for KC.”



4 Responses to “Dear Tooth Fairy”

  1. Sweet. Hehe! Be sure that she sees her dentist.

  2. Thanks for the comment… It was really sweet. As for the dentist- we go =
    religiously. From a very early age I sought to make them comfortable =
    with it- to avoid the panic that can arise with children. Our dentist =
    was really accommodating too- he would show them all the tools and =
    really went out of his way to set them at ease. Now at 5 & 9 they =
    don’t seem to have any fear- which is awesome!

  3. We are on the same boat. It really helps that our kids are exposed to =
    good dental hygiene and are not afraid of the dentist at a very young =
    age. Kudos to you!

  4. Jenna Schrock says:

    That’s a beautiful gesture from her brother! That letter that came from =
    his brother is heartmelting. A brother and sister should have this kind =
    of relationship. That way, they will be brave enough to handle those =
    dentist visits.

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