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Protecting Your Child- One of the Greatest Parenting Challenges

As parents we strive to protect our children. We monitor the food they eat and everything they may be exposed to, all in an attempt to keep them safe. In some ways these basic things are easy, even when we have to let them at times have experiences so they can learn. Where it becomes complicated is when we have to protect them from things that we ourselves are struggling with- all in the name of providing them a safe and stable existence. But still, is it enough? Am I doing a good enough job?

I ask these questions of myself because I just don’t know. They have to have witnessed the numerous phone calls, veiled conversations and on some level picked up on my emotions. As an adult it is hard enough to grapple with some of these issues, but then to try and do it while putting on all the pretenses of normalcy is downright exhausting. I just hope I am doing a good enough job.

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