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Life Lessons

Although the sports and politics issue has been challenging, I think it has taught my little man some amazing life lessons. He has found something he really wants to work towards and has decided nothing is going to stop him- well except for bees.

Every day, well except for yesterday and that tiny incident with a bunch of yellowjackets, CJ comes home and grabs his gear to practice baseball. It amazes me to watch him dump his backpack, grab his baseball bag and go out back to throw or hit the ball. With determination on his face he pitches the ball into the bounceback and then will jump up or dive to catch it. Hitting is another story, he has started to hit the ball into the bounceback… and to other areas of our house as well.. nearly missing lights on the deck. Regardless, he is out there practicing and I think it is wonderful.

Do I think he will be an elite athlete someday? I don’t know and frankly don’t care. He has found something that he enjoys, lets him unwind after school and it is teaching him that if you really want something, sometimes you have to work at it. Now I just need to hope he doesn’t break my window, or my neighbors…

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