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Politics and Kid Sports

The past week has brought with it a roller coaster of emotion. I never thought that I would have to explain politics in kids sports to my 8 year old. CJ is an average player. By rankings he is middle of the road. Not competitive by nature, he just plays baseball to have fun. After all at 8 they are still learning and we as parents just want him to enjoy the experience. Soon enough he will grow up and learn the life lessons associated with competitive sports, or so we thought. He had played with the same team for years. Even as late as of the end of June his team was going to play together in the fall. Then a week ago we get an email stating that they are splitting the team up. The coaches’ kids and a few accelerated players were moving to a kid pitch team and that CJ and two of the other older players were getting left behind with the younger kids. As a consequence we were left to explain the unfairness of it all to our crying eight year old and had to work with him to devise an alternative that a made him feel empowered and not like a cast off. Ultimately we found another league that had players of similar ages, but as a parent I am appalled by how things were handled. This is not supposed to be a competitive league, but sat hat is what it is turning into. As adults it is our job to set expectations and follow through on commitments. Unfortunately we could not shield him from this experience and just had to try and turn it into a life lesson. Hopefully it will turn out for the best for him.

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