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Mondays by definition always seem tough. It’s that return to routine from a weekend of structured chaos. I expect that my kids will be tired. I expect they might be a bit grumpy. Yet….I do expect we will be able to work through the morning routines without too much issue. After this morning I realize that my expectations are unrealistic.

KC was on a terror this morning. It has become a true battle of the wills. I picture us opponents on the gladiators- Mother vs. Daughter. Or perhaps an old western quick draw. It is about who is going to outlast whom. The stare-down contest. The ultimate battle of wills. Perhaps this should be a new reality show?

We have cut out all sweets, yes and even the Easter candy. I have encouraged her, most days in vain, to try and take a nap. The days when she seems to have enough sleep are better, but there is still that underlying defiance. I really don’t know what to do at this point, except research. Once again I am at a loss and feel completely ill-equipped to being a parent.

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