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Out of the Fog

Today I woke up, for the first time in almost a week, where I felt like I was out of the fog. The last week has been, well, exhausting. I flew back into town on Monday after running a half marathon, spent Tuesday getting my affairs in order and then went into for round 627 (no not really but that is what it feels like) of oral surgery. I spent most of the weekend swollen and bruised, until Sunday night. As if working on and assembling information for taxes wasn’t enough, around 10 Sunday night I heard the most awful retching sound from KC’s bedroom.

Running upstairs, two stairs at a time, face pounding in time with my footsteps, I was hit with the most awful smell. Putrid really. There was my daughter covered in vomit. No this wasn’t some dainty episode, there was vomit all over her, the bed, the floor, the wall and well heck- even the door. My first thought was, “REALLY?” Followed by, why do builders think that off-white carpeting is a good idea? Stunned, my husband and I went into action. He took her towards the bathroom and I began the toxic cleanup efforts. The rest of the night was spent with KC in the bathroom. So here I am “recovering” with no sleep, holding my daughter. Just as I would drift off, I would hear the sound of her stomach and we would go through yet another round. As one might imagine, yesterday on no sleep was brutal.

By the end of the day, I was spent. I was brought nearly to tears by exhaustion and the fact that nothing I could do would make my head, face, jaw and mouth stop hurting. I finally resorted to a meditation mix that I had and eventually fell asleep around 11. So today, today I feel better than I have in a week. It is amazing what sleep does for you. Although my chin looks like I was sucker punched, my face is slowing making its way back to normal too. On to another day.

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