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The “Season”

The “Season,” that “Christmas Season,” that wonderful time of the year is finally, well over- including the epiphany for even you purest.

Finished with the madness, the frenzy to fit it all in. The staying up all hours of the night making wrapped present costumes for a bunch of second graders and a massive Christmas tree costume that could fit a 6+ foot man, complete with lights for a parade.



We finished with “Cookie Fest 2009” a three day, massive cookie adventure culminating with the grand delivery on Christmas Eve.



Finished with the school events, various social events and running from one event to another to try and “squeeze” it all in- all amidst trying to still work. Work? Yes that too.

Finished with the wonderful time to enjoy my family, admire the lights and the time when everyone seems just a little bit nicer.

Finished with my mini-vacation to a winter wonderland-being delightfully snowbound in a cabin with family, puzzles, games and a television that only got the weather channel- which is how we watched the ball drop to ring in the New Year.


Now it is time to look forward, forward to a new year and a new decade. Although each day brings with it new opportunities, I am looking forward to what this whole year has to bring.

So what is my mantra for this year? This is my year of taking it up a notch. What does that really mean? I don’t know yet. But I do know that I want to do everything better- especially balancing my life. As a mother I tend to give everything, my entire being, to my kids or the work I do to help support them. Consequently, there is often little left for me and I become frustrated at “who” I used to be pre-kids and wonder how I can retain more of “My” identity and the things that fulfill me- other than raising my children. I believe that there needs to be a balance, and am on the eternal quest to find that balance. This is my year of taking it up a notch, and I am determined to do it all better. Here’s to a great new decade!

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