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Mommy Brain

Mommy Brain– the inability to remember anything, unless it is immediately in front of you. It is a “brain fog” like condition that descends upon mothers during pregnancy and although its severity is reduced somewhat, it persist as the child ages. It is further exacerbated by lack of sleep or caffeine. No known cures, except perhaps days of pampering, sleep and room service.

I had my week all planned out. I find that unless I write it all out, I will forget what I am supposed to be doing or really need to accomplish during the week. I used to be ridiculously organized; now I am reduced to constantly referring to my little 4×6 notebook for my tasks and my outlook calendar in my Black Berry. If it is not there, then it is nowhere on my radar screen.

So I thought I was set. I knew everything that needed to be done, and how this could all (or almost all) be accomplished around a myriad of appointments and obligations. And then life went unscripted. Monday morning KC woke up with green goo smeared all over her face and coming out her eyes. No this was not some B- horror film, it was my four year old with a disgusting sinus infection. Lovely.

Quickly, and without so much as a single cup of “joe” a new script took form. I needed to quickly get her dressed and to walk-in hours by 7:45, or lest we end up in the waiting room at the pediatrician with who knows how many H1N1 germ filled patients. Luckily I was able to get her in and out of the doctor’s office relatively unexposed, but then, then it was time to start making calls. Calls to her school, calls to my physical therapist, calls all over to cancel my day’s plans.

It is now day two and the plans are still in an amoebic state. So I plod on, trying to get a thing or two accomplished in between, not entirely sure how I am going to catch up. The list in that 4×6 book will just have to grow a bit longer I suppose….

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  1. Sarah says:

    This “fog brain” phenomenon does not occur only with parenting… it =
    occurs when you are a nursing student too!! My planner is my “brain” and =
    without it I am wondering around like a lost Alzheimer’s patient. It is =
    quite sad because coffee does not even help me recover :/

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