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Mommy Marathon

I am a runner and have been ever since I was a freshman in college. It began as a quest to shed that “freshman 15” and has turned into a lifelong pursuit. I have participated in many races of varying lengths including two marathons. As I race and pass each milestone, I think… only x miles to the next one… etc etc. until I see that wonderful finish line and then I know that am done.

Some days, no make that most days, I feel like I am running a Mommy Marathon. And although I have little milestones or goals for each day, unfortunately I don’t ever feel like I am seeing a big finish line. So maybe it is the Mommy “Treadmill” Marathon that I am running. I just don’t know, but I am tired and there does not appear to even be a rest stop in sight. So unfortunately, I have gotta run to the next thing on this Friday race day, good thing I have new running shoes.

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