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Driven to Chocolate

I am almost 4 weeks from my surgery and my shoulder is far, as my therapist and husband keep reminding me, from healed. That however is not my real issue, although it is true that somehow it got yanked and is now sore while I was playing an unintentional game of “Twister” on the stairs with KC today as she threw a tantrum. No. No, today was just one of those days.

A day when you wake up, get people out the door and gleefully get some work done before the other one wakes up. Then when you see her disheveled “bed head” and soft smile you erroneously fool yourself into thinking that today is going to be awesome. You sail through breakfast and manage to get a few things done while she colors by your side and then, then someone flips a switch and then another child emerges entirely. One who shrieks the word “NO!” at the mere mention that you do anything other than what she is choosing to do right that second. One who literally throws herself down in front of strangers kicking and screaming in such a scene that her aunt in Hollywood would be proud. Time outs do nothing. Removing key items do nothing. Discussing- nothing. Ignoring the “time out” shrieks- NOTHING. Oh no! Who possesses my sweet little pixie?

Maybe I could handle this better if I wasn’t running to blow my nose every few minutes, or constantly having sneezing fits. Or maybe this is just a 3-4 year old testing her limits. Whatever the reason, it has driven me to my lone solace this afternoon. No I am not talking about Valium, although I truly understand why mothers sought out the “little helper” in the day, I am talking about chocolate. Just one little Cadbury square melting in my mouth. I knew it wouldn’t solve today’s ills, but for that one moment I was able to enjoy a little burst of chocolaty goodness. Well, that is until my nose starting running again and KC and CJ began to fight. So much for bliss. Is it bedtime yet?

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