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The ‘You are Welcome’ Generation

This morning we met with CJ’s principle to discuss the future of his school etc. Among many interesting things said, perhaps one of the most telling was, “I am from a generation where there is a difference between ‘You are welcome’ and ‘no problem.'” For our generation “X” society that operates in a world of texting, email and Twitter we would use these phrases interchangeably failing to notice the subtle difference.

So what is the big deal? When you stop to think about it, the difference between the two phrases is far from subtle. Further, our inability to recognize the difference I think is reflective on where we are today as a society. We have lost a certain level of civility. The mere interjection of “YOU” into “You are welcome” personalizes the interchange. However, “no problem” removes that personalization. So what else have we lost?

As we have evolved so many things have been gained; many thing have become more acceptable, but at what cost? What or how do we regain those elements of civility? What happens if we don’t try and hold on to them? I think like any cultural identity we have to be conscious of those positive behaviors and try and incorporate them where possible, lest they be lost forever.

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