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Driving through Life on Manual

Kids both off to school and I am amazed that it is almost 10AM. What the heck happened to my morning and just how am I going to get everything done today? I have work to do, a doctors appointment and never mind everything necessary to prep for the surgery – which will happen in minus 48 hours. A surgery that is going to leave me with only one arm for awhile and COMPLETELY homebound for 2-3 weeks. Am I freaking? Yes. About the surgery? No. About the fact that it is going to slow me down and completely disrupt life? Yes.

As a Mom I feel like I am always shifting gears as I make my way through each day. Starting and stopping, shifting between home and work, work and home, kids and work etc. etc. etc. There never seems to be enough of me and no matter how much I plan, I can’t seem to get it all done. I know, I know, lower your expectations… but I just can’t seem to.

Getting ready for the surgery has been a real challenge. It is as if I am planning for a long vacation, that isn’t’ a vacation. Maybe I am obsessing, but I want everything organized from schedules, to what is labeled in the freezer to my linen closet. Yes, this may sound OCD but I have been really fortunate to have a lot of people offering to help but in return I feel I should make it as easy as possible for them.

Gotta shift gears and get some work done… Until later…

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